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embedded world 2019

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INCOstartec - Customized and optimized solutions from a single source! 


HMIOur front panel series with various options for displays and interfaces, equipped with RISC or x86CPU. Optionally with backlight control depending on the ambient brightness or the distance to a person. 

Mini PC

Mini PCThe INCObee- and Mini PC families demonstrate great performance with combined interfaces in the smallest form factor.





DIN Rail PCOur INCOant family with a small form factor and a multitude of combined interfaces for a variety of applications

With a 64 bit Cortex A53 and  integrated 4-way switch for the IoT.

System on Modul

System on ModulLow price embedded processor modules with Allwinner A20  Dual Core,  Cortex A7, 2 x 1 GHz;  picoLILLY form factor (50x41mm), SDRAM 1/2 GB, eMMC Flash in 8/16 GB, SSD as µSD Card Slot

Single Board Computer

Single Board Computer LILLY-SBC in the form factor 70x51x3mm – the smallest SBC with high effect; interfaces via on board plug  / modular extensions via system plug. upgrated by the form factor “pITX” (72x100mm) 


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embedded world 2019


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