Backplane AT96/ISA96


  • GND 3 Blade Terminal
  • Current Carrying Capac. /Component Group:

     +5 V   2 A

     +12 V   1 A

     -12 V    1 A

     GND     4 A

  • Supply connection   for 3xVG

       +5 V   2     Blade Terminal

     +12 V   1     Blade Terminal

     -12 V    1     Blade Terminal

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The bus-backplanewiring-plate is available for the component groups 3, 5, 8 and 10. It is designed for installation in the 19“ 3HE component group carrier with Z-Module rail. The bus-signal assignment is defined after the Siemens AT96 or ISA 96. Operating temperature 0°C – 70°C, storage temperature -10°C – 85°C, air humidity 10% – 90% not condensing.

Terminal resistors, capacitors Vcc, reset resistor and UBATT plug-in connector are to equip optionally.


The circuit board is build up in 8 layers with quasi coaxial conductor layout. Therefore the component group distinguishes by a virtually error-free runtime with very little crosstalk.


3                         42x74mm / 86g

5                         74x83mm / 133g

8                         74x160mm / 225g

10                       74x202mm / 262g

Operating Voltage

+12 V and -12 V
+5 V


Signalport a, b, c
96pole VG-clip connector after DIN 41612 C for the basic plug of the AT/ISA96 component group
Plug-in connector for the +UBATT (4Pin) signal
Plug-in connector for supply of an external FDD or HDD (4 Pin)
Blade terminal 6,3 mm x 0,8 mm for supply of the operating voltage
Terminal resistors optional from AT/ISA96-BUS3Z and upwards.