• µLILLY system bus
    Connector 200 Pin
  • 3x serial COM1 RS232,
    2x TTL
  • I²C- BUS
  • 3x USB
  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
  • 8×8 Key Matrix (16 I/O) IF
  • Display-Interface in
    TTL or LVDS IF
  • Resistive Touch IF
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The μLILLY – mini base 30 is a baseboard, which allows to take in μLILLY – Core – Modules with the lead-out ports. The connection of a TFT display, TTL, optional LVDS is also possible. On the module there are DC / DC converters, which are equipped with the following placement option (12/05/24) for the supply voltages of 5 V, 12 V or 24 V.


8×8 Key Matrix or 16 digital IN/OUT / 2×10 Pin Header in TTL
2x CAN-BUS IF 1×5 Pin Molex
2x USB 2.0 Full Speed Type A + 1x USB 1×5 Pin Molex
COM 1 (RS232) D-Sub 9, COM2 Rx/Tx (RS232 o. 485), COM3 Rx/Tx, TTL 2×5
COM2 (RS485), LCD TTL connection
Display Interface (18 Bit TTL) DF 13
Optional LCD LVDS Interface
2x RS232, LCD TTL connection
Ethernet with 10/100 Mbps RJ45
Audio (L/R) IN/OUT (LIN IN/OUT and MIC IN)
I²C-BUS 1×5 Pin Molex
Resistiv Touch IF (4 wire) 1×4 Pin Header

Power Supply

V in DC: (5,0V) / 7V up to 24V

Dimensions 90 x 100 mm
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µLILLY-MiniBase30-ST0 µLILLY-MiniBase30   +
2x RS232, LCD TTL connection
µLILLY-MiniBase30-ST1 µLILLY-MiniBase30   +
COM2 (RS485), LCD TTL connection
µLILLY-MiniBase30 µLILLY-MiniBase30   +
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