• Baseboard for various LILLY SoM
  • LILLY-9 (ARM9 / 200MHz)
  • LILLY-11 (ARM11/532MHz)
  • LILLY-System bus 240Pin
  • 3x UART
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 2x Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
  • 2x CAN-BUS Controller
  • 5×5 dig. IN/OUT TTL
  • 3x dig. OUT galv. isolated
  • 3x dig. IN galv. isolated
  • 3x 16bit ADC
  • Camera F-BAS IN
  • Touch Screen IF
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The Baseboard LILLY-BD-090 is a carrier module for Lilly-SoM modules. This carrier module decartelize and show the plug connectors to the single interfaces and periphery. By an ethernet-, two CAN-BUS controller and a SPI 16 bits of converter AD with three entrances the periphery is extended. An entrance F-BAS for camera like a digital camera IF is on Board. About a TFT display connection for LVDS or TTL different displays and dimensions are headable. The module is prepared for the display Hitachi 9Inch and 5.6Inch Innolux. The module can be driven with the LILLY-9xx and LILLY-11xx.

System Bus Connector

100/140 Pin FX8-Series (Hirose)


2x CAN-BUS (1x 9Pin D-SUB; 1x 4Pin Molex for extern. Adapter)
2x Ethernet with 10/100 Mbps (RJ45)


1x F-BAS in (Chinch) / alternative digital camera in IF (FFC)
1x UART (16C550 compatible UARTs) (2×5 Interfaces)
2x USB Type A
3x analog IN; ADC 12/16Bit (3x jack 3,5mm)
3x dig. IN opto. galv. isolated
3x dig. OUT opto. galv. isolated
5x dig IN TTL (2×5 pin)
5x dig OUT TTL (2×5 pin)
Backlight Inverter Interface
Baseboard basic version: For xx” Touch TFT Display without CAN-BUS Display LVDS (JP7) , BL (JP9) and Touch (JP11)
Touch Screen Interface for resistive 4 wire


(9inch Hitachi)
LCD interface for TFT Displays in TTL
Optional: LVDS Interface for higher Display resolution

Power Supply

12V DC


LILLY-1131 SoM Module for 9Inch LVDS TFT Display
LILLY-1131 SoM Module for 9Inch TFT Display

Dimensions 217 x 100 x 19 mm
Ref # Description    
LILLY –BD090 –ST0 LILLY-BD-090   +
LILLY-1131 SoM Module for 9Inch TFT Display
LILLY –BD090 –ST1 LILLY-BD-090   +
LILLY-1131 SoM Module for 9Inch LVDS TFT Display
LILLY-BD-090 LILLY-BD-090   +
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