• LILLY-9 System bus
  • 3x COM, 3x USB 2.0
  • I²C-BUS
  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
  • EIDE
  • 8 dig. OUT opto. isolated
  • 4 dig. OUT opto. isolated
  • 4 dig. IN opto. isolated
  • 2x CAN BUS Controller
  • 2x PWM
  • 4 ADC 12Bit
  • 2/4 DAC 12Bit
  • Power Supply 12V or 24V
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The Baseboard KKR100 is a carrier module for the SoM modules of the Lilly family. This carrier module extends and put the plug connectors to the single interfaces. Other I/O-functions are provided to the module. The module is suitable as a data lugger, control and rule processor module.


Connection for LILLY – Processor Module
Module of the LILLY SoM Family


2x CAN BUS Controller
12 dig. OUT opto isolated TTL
2/4 DAC 12Bit
3x COM RS232 (COM2 RS422/485)
3x USB 2.0, 2 external, 1 internal
4 ADC 12Bit
I²C- Bus

Power Supply

Vex 5V DC
Vin: 12V DC or 24 V DC

Dimensions 220 x 100 x 23 mm
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LILLY-KKR100-ST0 LILLY-KKR100 V1.0   +
Module of the LILLY SoM Family
LILLY-KKR100 V1.0 LILLY-KKR100 V1.0   +
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