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Baseboard/Single Board for CM4 Module from Raspberry Pi

Dear Friends,
For some time now, INCOstartec GmbH has concentrated on the development of baseboards for the current Raspberry Pi computer module CM4 with 64-bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A72 processor and fast LPDDR4 working memory. As a result, these processor systems offer high computing power and versatility. They can be easily coupled with small, medium and large displays. The baseboards control the display via an 18/24Bit LVDS interface and its pCAP touchscreen can be supported directly. An external monitor can also be operated via HDMI out.
SBC-CM4x xxx-ST10 KD  

All baseboards have a 1Gb ethernet interface for fast data transfer, plus other standard interfaces such as CAN, RS232/RS485, I²C BUS and USB. The optional 40-pin I/O header can be used for various I/O extensions. Via the µSD card slot, CM4 modules without on-board flash can also be operated with flash cards.

SBC-CM4-pA-xxx Sx  

The CM4 module offers a good price-performance ratio and long-term availability.

Optionally, the backlight of the display can be optimally lowered or controlled up to the maximum brightness via a distance and brightness sensor. This achieves a longer service life of the backlight, a reduction of the power balance and thus less waste heat.

Data transmission into the network can be integrated via an mPCIe interface, e.g. cellular radio modules for wireless data transmission. Optionally, dual-band WLAN 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 can also be used via the CM4 module.

For easy integration, the Raspberry Pi OS is installed. Other OS and software can be adapted on request.

SBC-CM4-pB-xxx Sx  

INCOstartec manufactures SBC, Box PC and in combination with displays Open Frame and complete systems. The possible applications are in machine control as HMI, for home automation, for robotics & automation, for hotel and conference rooms, info terminals in the outdoor area and for IoT applications - just to name a few.

INCOstartec is geared towards implementing customer-specific system solutions and rapid customisation of displays, customer peripherals and functions.

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INCOstartec - customised and optimised solutions from a single source

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