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The Al-Di-Sensor system – our intelligent backlight control – allows the panel to be used in high and low ambient brightness conditions.

The brightness control is for medium and large LCD panels and automatically adjusts to the ambient brightness and depending on the distance of an object. The backlight changes automatically:

At lower brightness, the sensor reduces the backlight to save energy, increase the backlight live time and avoid glare.
When the panel system is dimmed, the backlight becomes brighter when objects are approached, so that good readability is given.


Display Inch Resolution

Brightness (cd/㎡)

LED Life time (hr)

 5" 800x480 600 50K
 7" 800x480 500 50K
1024x600 1000 50K
 10.1" 1024x600 250 15K
1280x800 1000 50K
Other sizes upon request


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